Original Oil / Acrylic Painting

This page is dedicated to supplying original oil and acrylic paintings to my clientele. I passionately believe that leading artists should do more than merely create; they should provoke thought. Drawing inspiration from the ancient Principle of Polarity, which posits that everything in the universe has two poles, two aspects, and their opposites, I've embarked on a mission to explore the profound middle ground often overlooked in the narrative of the American Civil War. In this dualistic world, where light meets darkness and love encounters hate, there exists a vast spectrum of nuances that we often simplify into terms like "Like" or "Dislike." It's this intricate interplay that I aim to illuminate—the middle polarity of a conflict that still reverberates through our nation today. My work seeks to challenge the conventional notions of the North and South during the Civil War, revealing that both sides were entwined with the institution of slavery.