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Do you remember as a kid when we ate our cornflakes or rice crispy, we would also read the back of the box as we consumed the product. Uncle Gregory’s coffee is packaged and design the same way with American¬†suppress history¬†printed on the back and sides of the package.

When the American Confederacy lost the Civil War in May 1865, 10,000 Southerners fled the US for a small city in Brazil and then spread out, where they could rebuild their lives and carry on their traditions.

Now, 150 years later, their story has been seemingly erased from our history books.

But deep in the heart of South America descendants of these confederate expats gather annually to celebrate their controversial history and maintain their traditions and culture.

Now Uncle Gregory’s Coffee introduces a coffee blend from South America that celebrates the suppress historical facts, please enjoy this deep dark roasted blend of thought-provoking coffee. Please order your 12 oz. ground roasted coffee blend today.