As artists, we create things out of our imaginations, and everything we create evokes emotions. Therefore, if you think you do not influence minds and hearts, I want to clarify that we wield an extraordinary amount of power as creative people. This is why the best marketing agencies hire creative people. As a rogue artist, Gregory Newson recognized the immense responsibility he held in his hands once he let go of the idea that there was a structure of rules to making and marketing artwork and trusted his creative thinking. However, great power comes with great responsibility; he realized that his creative powers are for those who connect and remember their great and great grandparents who live the real American story, and not from educators who were never there.

Even though we artists work hard to make suffering less painful and to minimize its effects, suffering will always exist and will never go away. This is illustrated in Gregory Newson’s upcoming memoir book (I Get High Watching Paint Dry). This facet of the human experience is what has followed him from the beginning. It was believed that the struggle for survival was the root of all suffering and that it would only end when it was satisfied with food, clothing, and wealth beyond measure. However, this was not the case at all, for there is a more powerful enemy waiting on the other side of the well: the knowledge of and desire for substances that dull our pain on behalf of the soul. It carries with it riddles of never-ending whispers and unrepentant agonies. However, Fyodor Dostoyevsky once brilliantly stated, "struggle is the sole origin of consciousness" and that, despite the tragedies that await us with this reckless nature and willfully play alongside its miseries, "consciousness is the greatest misfortune for man"—that is, "yet I know man prizes it and would not give it up for any satisfaction."   

Art is a powerful means of communication. It has an incredible ability to unify a group of people. It communicates messages that cannot always be described in words, but are felt undoubtedly, and shared amongst like-minded or to educate visitors in your home.

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