As a USA citizen, I have studied the meaning of our monuments and sacred spaces in other cultures, and the recent controversy and violence surrounding America’s Confederate monuments have been ethically challenging. I love my country totally good and bad, and part of my admirations is due to your sons and daughters sacrificing their lives in wars for me to have freedom of speech, to foster tolerance and export factual understanding. Look at ancient Mayan ruins in Central America and see how monuments to their rulers were defaced during the tumultuous fall of their civilization.

The Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten similarly defaced and destroyed statues of earlier Egyptian gods in their religious reform 3,300 years ago, and Spanish conquistadors destroyed Aztec and Inca monuments and statuary in their war on idolatry in the New World. And there are plenty of examples of the desecration of monuments in the 21st
century. The Taliban blew up the Bamiyan Buddhas in Afghanistan.

Are not these the same problems currently plaguing America?

It’s Time That Americans to Cease Acting like Victims;

To study American history is often an exercise in learning partial truths and patriotic fables. Textbooks and curricula throughout the country continue to center the white experience, with Black people often quarantined to a short section about, Civil War black soldiers, slavery and quotes by Martin Luther King Jr. Many walk away from their high school history class — and through the world — with a severe lack of understanding of the history and perspective of Black people in America and still are trying to escape the Democratic plantation.

Colonel Robert Gould Shaw
Colonel Robert Gould Shaw (1837-1863) was the young white Civil War Union army officer who commanded Black Union troops during the American Civil War, he rode at the head of his men. The very flower of grace and chivalry, he seemed to me beautiful and awful, as an angel of God come down to lead the host of freedom to victory.” To lead a Union regiment comprised of an all-black 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry. Colonel Shaw led an attack on Fort Wagner, a Confederate stockade blocking the entrance to Charleston, Virginia.
He, Colonel Robert Gould Shaw was killed while leading a fierce but unsuccessful charge by his troops on the sand and earth parapets of Fort Wagner on Morris Island near Charleston, South Carolina, on July 18, 1863. The 54th Massachusetts lost many men that day, with a casualty rate of over 50% 350+ black soldiers, and only 12 Confederate soldiers died. The unit was chosen because they were thought of simply as cannon fodder. And numerous other black units in the Union Army for the remainder of the war.
Charleston Harbor’s Morris Island is smaller than 1,000 acres and is subject to extensive erosion by storm and sea. Much of the previous site of Fort Wagner has been eroded away, including the place where the black Union soldiers had been buried. However, by the time this had happened, the soldiers’ remains were no longer there because soon after the end of the Civil War, the Army disinterred and reburied all the remains—including, presumably, those of Col. Shaw—at the Beaufort National Cemetery in Beaufort, South Carolina, where their gravestones were marked as “unknown.”

Stonewall Jackson and Jim Lewis Historical Friendship

Newson Publishing’s young adult book Uncle T and the Uppity Spy, the book is about Jackson’s relationship with Jim Lewis, his slave, right-hand-man, and confidante.   Stonewall Jackson defended the Virginian Southern lifestyle and state sovereignty, yet he was a pioneering educator and helper of blacks-facts which are little known when we

The winner always gets to tell their version of the story!

The purpose of Newson Publishing is to relay history in an enjoyable way. Fiction, as someone once said, lies, to tell the truth. Sometimes stories enliven historical facts. This is historical fiction’s purpose. Of course, it is important to distinguish fact from fiction so that history is not distorted. Newson Publishing books

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