The Sweet Slave



Slave males clamored to enlist in the belief that doing so would grant them immediate freedom, give them the opportunity to demonstrate their manhood and citizenship rights, and possibly result in the emancipation of their families.

My neighbor forward my painting to another artist, and the comment from that artist Brandy Dodero”: Dooley”was. “Art is supposed to elicit an emotion from the viewer. This painting reached me. It has me shaken to my core.

The part that strikes me the most is the relationship between the black man and the horse. They are both slaves to the Confederacy aiding them in their cause. The joy on the man’s face is genuine as he gives the apple to the horse, who is desperately straining to grasp onto the gift of deliciousness in what might be the only good thing that happens that day. It has such deep meaning.

There is an ethereal exchange happening right beneath the noses of the riders and yet, they seem to believe that they are the ones in charge.

The figures in the sky know the score and are watching it all.

Giclee canvas print size: 29″ x 20”

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