Nathan Forrest Surrender to GOD



This is a digitally executed piece of artwork and sold as Lithograph Art Prints; Forrest Surrenders at the Cross; Size 18” x 23.5”;  At the end of the Civil War and many Nathan’s victories against the Northern Army, and their failure to capture Nathan Bedford Forrest or make him surrender but do surrender to Jesus Christ.


Here is an excerpt from my Graphic Novel item from the book “Get Forrest”, page 46; After the message, Forrest went to meet Reverend Stainback, crying and confessed to the clergyman how the message had affected him. Instead of responding excessively agog, the preacher decided to check the genuineness and confirm if Forrest had the same disposition later on.

He asked that Forrest goes back to his house, ponder on the message, and return to him some days later. After two days, Reverend Stainback…. checked on Forrest where he resides in a bid to further their talk on the scripture in Matthew chapter 7 and supplicate to God with Forrest. Although the specific terms are not known, it seems Forrest experienced a real transforming encounter.

At the end of the prayer, he informed Reverend Stainback that he was ready to profess Jesus as his Saviour.  Giclee canvas size prints are available please contact us