Get Forrest




He Nathan Bedford Forrest was born into extreme poverty, aside from this; he had no chance to be in the military. However, his humble background notwithstanding, he was one of the most popular and most controversial cavalrymen of the civil war. Critics like William T. Sherman and Ulysses S. Grant believed that Forrest was a vicious man and most feared in the Alleghenies and Blue Ridge. He was called a devil by Sherman who is also known to have a not too different approach to war. This may not be far from the truth, Forrest‘s actions can be likened to that of a devil. Legend has it that he wreaks havoc wherever he goes. He was a master of destruction, cunny and wicked. He intimidates, tricks, and deceives his victims like in the case of Saber’s edge and gunpowder.

You will surely enjoy this book “Get Forrest”, a real account of a man who loved America dearly and his accomplices (Black Confederates). The artworks and visual descriptions in this book do not portray the accurate picture of the 18th century. The artistic page design in regarding scenery settings and clothing are all my “Gregory Newson” ideas as an artist.

The visual effects are imaginary and are not the authentic replication of the scenery of this factual account. However, all texts and writing are real and the exact account of what happened. The best part of this story for me as the author of this book is the volunteer Confederate soldiers -Nathan Bedford and his 45+ blacks. Seven of these soldiers became Bedford’s private bodyguards, and he vowed to his black volunteers to make them free men whether they win or lose the battle. He proved to be a man of his words when 18 months before the end of the war, Forrest’s blacks soldiers gained their freedom.