I knowed not I’sa free


“African-American Slave Recordings Before Emancipation Through Death” draws its material largely from independent research and from narratives and recordings by the U.S. Library of Congress Digital Collections series “Voices Remembering Slavery: Freed People Tell Their Stories.” Millions in our society have been educated and brainwashed by the media and the film industry about the most substantive, sensitive and delicate topics of our time, including race and slavery.



 “I Knowed not i’sa free”: African American live slave recordings transcribed from former slaves before emancipation through death. These actual live transcript testimonies can be easily accessed at the Library of Congress website, which contradicts a lot of how Hollywood portrayed slavery in the southland of America.

Book Synopsis- the book is a fifty-eight (58) page hardcover book containing the accounts of former slaves about their lives as enslaved people and after they became free men/women and sidebars.  To bring these stories to life with illustrations provided by award-winning artist Gregory Newson.