Stonewall Jackson and the Uppity Spy




The “New” Stonewall Jackson and the Uppity Spy, Comic book “Original” Uncle T and the Uppity Spy books tells the semi-fictionalized story of two young twin black brothers whose life paths diverge in very different directions during the American Civil War era. The young black boy, Jim Lewis (who is based on a historical character), is chosen to be a house slave to Thomas J. Jackson (soon to become General “Stonewall” Jackson). Jim’s manners intelligence, and Christ-like character impress Jackson and endear the boy to him. When the war comes, a mature Jim serves as General Jackson’s trusted body servant.

The two men grow close, and Jackson respects Jim’s loyalty and wisdom so much that he sometimes lets Jim serve as an adviser. Jim’s brother Tyler, on the other hand, is the fictional protagonists that was a leased out field hand from General Jackson’s plantation, and he suffers mistreatment at the hands of a harsh overseer and chose to join the North, which Allan Pinkerton employed him as a spy. The life of a field slave and house slave are contrasted in the experiences of these boys.