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WHAT YOU WERE TAUGHT: The Confederate army was 100 percent white.
THE TRUTH: We have been taught that the Confederate armies were – “100 percent white,” this is due to the “boundless white racism” that existed across the Old South. We have already seen that the integrated South was far less racist than the segregated North, so it is obvious that this charge cannot be true. The South’s army and navy, in fact, reflected the region’s citizenship, which was made up of every race, creed, and nationality.

Though thanks to the vicious Yankee custom of burning down Southern courthouses and the purposeful exclusion of countless Confederate records dealing with Southern blacks from the official U.S. archives -exact statistics are impossible to come by, Southern historians have determined that the following numbers are roughly accurate. In descending numerical order the Confederate army and navy were composed of about 1 million European-Americans, 300,000 to 1 million African-Americans, 70,000 Native Americans, 60,000 Latin Americans, 50,000 foreigners, 12,000 Jewish-Americans, 735 and 10,000 Asian-Americans. True Southerners, of all races, continue to be proud of our region’s multiracial history, and of the many contributions made to Dixie by individuals of all colors, religions, and nations. As for the black Confederate soldier, we will have much more to say about him in the following chapters.

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Everything You Were Taught About African-Americans