He wasn’t my servant


Rescued by a strange unknowing black slave




He wasn’t my servant; This is the original Oil canvas painting size; 25″ x 20″  we can custom frame it, shipping is not included

Many Confederate soldiers were ably assisted by servants during battles. Perhaps the most poignant (and most recorded) accounts involved faithful slaves who recovered their masters’ bodies from battlefields and transported them back home. In many instances, even after the original master had been killed, loyal servants continued to serve with Confederate armies.

The following account is not unusual except that the soldier being assisted, Private Jason G. Guice, was rescued by a Black Confederate who was not his body servant but a stranger. The Roster of Confederate Soldiers of Georgia, 1861 1865, compiled by Miss Lillian Henderson, reports that Private Guice was “wounded in the arm, necessitating amputation, at Wilderness, Virginia, May 6, 1864. Captured in Richmond, Virginia hospital April 3, 1865, and left said hospital May 21, 1865.” He died at Eufaula, Alabama, on July 6, 1903.