September 26, 2023

African American Voodoo slave owner

Marie Catherine Laveau, a well-known midwife, herbalist, and Louisiana Creole practitioner of voodoo, lived from September 10, 1801, to June 15, 1881, in New Orleans. In […]
May 20, 2023


“Song of the South,” which Disney chairman BobIger was born to a Jewish family in New York City. told shareholders in 2020 the movie was “just […]
December 22, 2022

Display exhibit tent

July 4, 2022

Pardon for people of European descent.

December 18, 2020

Nellie the War Chick

As an African American the most controversial thing I’ve ever done was decide to think with my brain instead of my skin tone. I love participating […]
December 18, 2020

Uncle Gregory’s Coffee

Do you remember as a kid when we ate our cornflakes or rice crispy. We would also read the back of the box as we consumed […]
May 29, 2020

Nillie The War Chick

Order your book copy TODAY The chickens that saved Western civilization were discovered, according to legend, by the side of a road in Greece in the […]
December 21, 2014

M Stands for MASTER

Artwork from the book Uncle T and the Uppity Spy emphasizes that Thomas Stonewall Jackson was more than a courageous and skillful Confederate general; his service […]
December 21, 2014

Sister’s Know the Way

Sometimes messages were sent secretly, in the words of a particular song. If a slave were to sing “Steal Away to Jesus” for instance, other slaves […]