• The winner always gets to tell their version of the story!
    Truth-Lies The purpose of Newson Publishing is to relay history in an enjoyable way. Fiction, as someone once said, lies to tell the truth. Sometimes stories enliven historical facts. This is historical fiction’s purpose. Of course, it is important to distinguish fact from fiction so that history is not distorted. Newson Publishing books
  • Uncle T and the Uppity Spy-Adult version book is not sold in bookstores
    Jack-Jim-Blog Newson Publishing's young adult book Uncle T and the Uppity Spy, is about Jackson's relationship with Jim Lewis, his slave, right-hand-man, and confidante. Stonewall Jackson defended the Virginian Southern lifestyle and state sovereignty; yet he was a pioneering educator and helper of blacks--facts which are little known when we think of
  • The Chandler Boys; Due out in book stores December 2015
    Chandler-Working2Cover The Chandler Boys--Story is about Andrew and Silas Chandler --This is about trust and devotion and the some reason why silence this Afro-American became a black Confederate. Andrew white was younger than Silas, and Silas was a slave born on Andrew’s father’s homestead in 1837, which is why the two shared