The chickens have come home to roost.



This is a digitally reduce paper art piece print from the book, Uncle T and the Uppity Spy, size 25″ x 22.5″  from the book about Stonewall Jackson and Jim Lewis; Uncle and the Uppity Spy; Page 40, ; The The Union League soldier;  Chickens have come home to roost!”


The average Afro-American is taught very extensively about the buffalo soldier which went out west representing the new United States against Native Americans.

But what’s not spoken about is the militant group of ex-Afro-American soldiers called Loyal League had come home to roost. In U.S. history, described as an association originally organized in the North to inspire loyalty to the Union cause during after the American Civil War. During Reconstruction, they spread to the South to ensure Republicans of support among newly enfranchised blacks.

Their creation sparked the creation of the KKK, the union league took part in rig elections, encouraging sharecropper slaves to revolt against the sharecropping masters.