Uncle T and the Uppity SPY




Uncle T and the Uppity SPY; Is Stonewall Jackson’s true-life story written in an adult form, but graphically laid out, cover and interior pages to visually attract younger readers.

This is the original” Uncle T and the Uppity Spy hardcover book, a semi-fictionalized story of two young twin black brothers whose life paths diverge in very different directions during the American Civil War era. The young black boy, Jim Lewis (who is based on a historical character), is chosen to be a house slave to Thomas J. Jackson (soon to become General “Stonewall” Jackson). Jim’s manners intelligence and Christ-like character impress Jackson and endear the boy to him. When the war came a mature Jim serves as General Jackson’s trusted body servant.

The difference in this book’s hardcopy version from the comic book version, there is a small portion, the language Gullah is in this book, a Negro dialect which was the way African Americans talk who lived in the Lowcountry region of the U.S. states of America. The Gullah people spoke an English-based creole language, their culture developed in a distinct way, different from that of other enslaved blacks. This dialect language continues after the end of the American civil war and still exist today.