Robert E. Lee’s pet Chicken


Canvas Sizes 36″ x 24″

A historical Civil War event depicting Robert E Lee’s pet chicken that was present when America was at a pivotal point, as this hen distinguished herself from other chickens.  A farmer from Virginia gave him a flock of chickens. He let his soldiers ate these except for one that he made his pet. General Lee named his chicken “Nellie” and unfortunately in the end, she did come to an unhappy demise. .  As a pet owned by Robert E. Lee, an American soldier who commanded the Confederate States Army, Lee rescued the little hen, named it Nellie and gave her amnesty in his camp. This is her story and about the General’s cook William Mack Lee as Nellie tries to pursue a purpose-filled life.

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Most people immediately picture Robert E. Lee, the most prominent general of the tragic Confederate Army, when they hear the phrase “Southern Gentleman” (you can hear the capital letters). Lee had it all: a renowned family, style, a strict code of honor, a lavish horse, and exceptional athletic ability. He lost a battle, but he did so in an elegant fashion.

He kept a pet chicken as well. These things, in that strange land known as the past, are not as disconnected as one may initially suppose. Studying Lee’s history and the peculiar set of cultural beliefs that led the descendants of planters to believe they constituted the apex of human social development may help you grasp the story.