Forrest’s lemonade stop


Size: 23″ x 29″ un-frame canvas giclee print


A Giclee canvas print size; 22″ x 28″ custom sizes are available contact us

Nathan hand-picked seven blacks to be his personal armed guards. Of his loyal and brave African-American soldiers Forrest publicly said: “These boys stayed with me for the entire war. Better Confederates did not live.”

There is still plenty of proof for their existence, beginning with both the eyewitness testimonies of white Confederate soldiers—many who took their African-American servants into the War with them (men like General Nathan Bedford Forrest) and the accounts of numerous black Confederate soldiers themselves. As Yankees had the malicious habit of illegally and unnecessarily torching Southern courthouses (where thousands of records were kept), a great deal of this evidence has literally gone up in smoke. 758 Nonetheless, much remains.