Fort Pillow


Title of Lithograph Art Print; Greenhorns: Size 18” x 23.5”: From my book “Get Forrest”  page 32.

The events at Fort Pillow was largely the results of drunken, bad decisions making on the Union side and after refusing an offer to surrender, and ill-trained Afro-American soldiers added to the tragic event.

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Was Greenhorn Union Soldiers Present at Fort Pillow?
After making a bad situation worse, they were adamant about the fact that they had let go of the Union flags of truce, or perhaps they weren’t bothered about it. However, the flag signaling the discussion of a truce should have been descended, but was not. And to make things worse the black soldiers were trying to show they are just as brave as the whites in another foxhole.

Were Women and Children at the fort murdered by Forrest?
Forrest’s main accusation began him was his so-called barbaric act committed with his men which were killing innocent civilians who were taking cover inside the fort. It was a detestable act screamed his accusers.

In the garrison were male civilians who had already volunteered to stay and fight but the official records available made no mention of the women and children.

From the statement made by the Yankees who were at the fort; this was as a result of the fact that they were conveyed away in a boat before the fighting started. This was later confirmed by Union surgeon Dr. Charles Fitch, who said, “Early in the morning all of the women, children and other non-combatants were ordered onto barges, towed by a gunboat up the river to an island before anyone was hurt.”

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