I get high watching paint dry

“I get high watching paint dry” is volume 1 of a two-part book series dedicated to substance abuse survivors and to discourage young people from using drugs from the author’s experience.

This book is about Gregory Newson an African American true from cradle to needle story. And about his calling to be an artist and using it to fight his internal civil war with his past life slave mentality self. And how his spiritual entity saves his life many times. Gregory was conceived from a statutory rape of his mother. She was born on a farm once the home to slaves in Jacksonville Florida before his grandfather takes his mother and relocate to New York City’s Harlem community.

And at the qualifying age, Greg was admitted to a local school as an undiagnosed dyslexic student with severe learning disabilities. But something mysteriously happened after Greg was constantly being punished for misbehaviors and locked in his room at the age of 9, and then he started painting the walls of his room which led to more punishments, but this retaliation made him more determined to be an artist. He started winning first-place contests at teen art shows that led to local Newspaper articles, and radio talk show Interviews. Which attracted a scholarship from Norman Rockwell to the Famous Artist School. But his past slave life transformed him into a teen drug addict, and he embraced a mentality to follow the black panther party and Elijah Muhammad.

This is when he started having dreams about himself as a slave during the American Civil War that still occur to this day. But in the year 2016, he was invited to participate in a past life regression medical study by a leading Certified American Council of Hypnotist examiner which the complete interview is provided in the APPENDIX of this book.

This is “volume one” book, a partial detail narrative about how Greg’s addiction interfered with his Childhood Spiritual blessing, to descend through a door to contemporary slavery and immorality. “I get high watching paint dry” is to broadcast loudly to young people who think they are invincible and that drug addiction is the only disease that will convince you that you don’t have a disease, it’s cunning, baffling, and powerful.  Today he’s a recovered drug addict and bigot.

His second volume book two, titled “Painting the snow monkey in the crack palace”, Is about Greg leaving heroin addiction, only to believe the media propaganda in the 80s that cocaine was not addictive.