Original Painting

The artwork that’s in these pages is early life painting renditions from the Gregory Newson collection. They are all original painting and not reproductive prints, all are executed in the acrylic paint medium on illustration board that he has accumulated over years.

None of these pieces of artwork ever been shown in any art show or mass reproduced, these images represent the many stages of his spiritual growth. He literally learned how to “Get High by Watching Paint Dry”

Gregory Newson’s healing procedure: The best way he can describe it is to use a football term that quarterbacks know so well. “Stay in the Pocket”, knowing if he scramble’s out; Which means leaving what protects you will make you vulnerable.

Now after so much encouragement for six years from the American Civil War event community, it’s participants and their family members he knows what he wants to do for the balance of his life!.

But he needs your help to find a home for his art pieces. Please select a one-of-a-kind original paintings. And you can select from three different categories;

Fantasies, Only Human and the Cotton Club. Which will help him finance art shows in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, these art shows will have a whole new set of original paintings about Coffee and Chicory and the part it played in the American Civil War, and subtly tells the story that’s not taught in our schools about the black Confederates.

The name of the show; “Behind enemy lines”