Believe it or not, the American Civil War and slavery



Please order your 2021 African American Civil War battlefield calendar; Price $19.95 Artist/writer Gregory Newson personal goal has been to highlight the middle polarity of the American Civil War which rarely gets any acknowledgment and understanding of the conflict, and how it affects us today. Furthermore, to show there was no true difference between the North and South, both needed a drug called; slavery, and ever since the end of the conflict our nation has been going through “Drug Withdrawal”. Please order your 2019 CSA Buried Treasures 2019 Calendar at half price "$10" Did African-American actually serve in active combat on behalf of the South? YES. Did African-American soldiers actually carry muskets and shoot at the northern Union soldiers? YES A newspaper correspondent from the New Orleans Daily Crescent, reporting on one of the early battles of the war stated that a servant named Levin Graham refused to stay in camp during a fight, “but obtained a musket, fought manfully, and killed four of the Yankees himself.” The first Union Officer to be killed in battle was an abolitionist named Theodore Winthrop. Winthrop, a union major on General B. F. Butler’s staff, was killed at Big Bethel on June 1861. What makes this death even more significant is the fact that he was killed by Sam Ashe, a black body servant to a Confederate soldier in a Company of the 3rd Virginia Infantry called the Wythe Rifles. Records show that New York officers on patrol reported being attacked near New Market Bridge close to Big Bethel by Confederate cavalry and a group of 700-armed blacks on December 22, 1861. The Northerners killed six of the blacks before retreating; officers later swore affidavits stating that they were attacked by blacks, and later complained: “If they fight with Negroes, why should we not fight with them too?” Who is defined as a soldier, a clarification of terms is helpful. Gen. August Kautz, in his 1864 Customs of Service for Officers of the Army: As Derived from Law and Regulations and Practiced in the United States Army, offers a very broad definition. In the fullest sense, any man in the military service who receives pay, whether sworn in or not, is a soldier, because he is subject to military law. Under this general head, laborers, teamsters, sutlers, chaplains are soldiers. At the end of the war, the Confederate African-Americans soldier received a pension for their participation as soldiers. 2021 African American Civil War Battlefield Calendar BUY Now 10 – CSA Buried Treasures 2019 Calendar BUY Now

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Impressive art can be fascinating and inspiring at the same time. Sometimes, some of it brings to mind historical occurrences that our parents and great-grandparents have taught us about. That is not covered in a curriculum for education, which might force us to consider more profound problems. Regardless of their intensity, great artworks usually make people pause, even for a moment, to feel something. And each time a spectator sees that work of art again, they will relive this experience and these feelings. For this reason, art was produced to promote a cause with great potential. The artwork evokes a strong, enduring feeling that motivates progressive thought. This is the inspiration that motivated Uncle Gregory to create, Believe it or not, artwork that educates.