The Promotion


There are two offers on this artwork image, you can buy the lithograph print for $150, unframed  and sign by artist, image size 16″ x 20″ or you can buy the original painting one-of-a-kind never offered before;



Jim Lewis’s entire life had been built around pre-emptive caution and the constant ingratiating of himself to whites. With his obsequious conduct and uncritical acceptance of white values and conventions, Jim could very well have been considered an adroit politician. Generally, despite their jealousy of his favored position in the eyes of the general, Jim was seen by the staff and senior officers as a man whose strong African features were characterized by an expression of grave and steady good sense united with benevolent kindliness and much empathy. 

There was an air about Jim Lewis of self-respect and dignity, coupled with a confident yet humble simplicity. He earned everyone’s respect, even if some of it was given grudgingly.