Mandingo overseer-Canvas



This is a digitally executed artwork print. It’s representing an original painting but it has been sold.



Southern plantation owners departing for the war needed to make sure their male slaves were in place to take over responsibilities and keep things running well.

Encouraged to be a loyal warrior on the home front, a slave might enjoy more autonomy than ever before, including the freedom to identify more strongly and openly with African roots.

Painted faces were worn in Africa in celebration of various events, including a bountiful harvest, a child’s coming of age, or the onset of war or victory in battle.


Title: The Mandingo Overseer. The original painting is available, An Giclee canvas print. Size: 17″ x 25″

I plant seeds for harvest, But not of cotton as I stand here in burlap. My obedient work has cut

a body of desire.

From as I remember I do all white people’s desires. I get more brutality from those who

do the harvest than Massa does.

I top cock in the hen house and get to sleep around.