Look Babalu My Son, 19″ x 13.5″


60% of this painting was rendered with an airbrush tool with acrylic paint on illustration board.



This painting was done to celebrate my son’s birthday.  As a man and having a son meant something. His nickname was Babalu which I adopted after his sister Dawn started calling him it, I never found out what it meant. He’s my son “Gregory Green” which after his birth and after examining his birth certificate it dawned on me, here is the curse of the last name again. My son was given my girlfriend separated husband’s last name, mainly because I didn’t marry her.

As to this day I’m still disturbed about it, as he reminds me of the same problem my parents may have had when I was born and not told my last  name was Gregory Newson But I had such fantasies about his life and I had to put something down on paper, which was one of my first airbrush renderings.