Civil War Coffee Wagon



I hope the viewers of this digitally produced artwork and sold as 23″ x 17″ paper prints. Understand that I Gregory Newson feel that the North had the advantage because it had real coffee and the south only had chicory a substitute tasting blend, but with no caffeine. The Union soldiers were much more alert.


Here is an American civil war relic.
This Union made Coffee wagon with Its three boilers on wheels was the first mass coffee producing machine for the winners of the American Civil War.

The Confederacy, on the other hand, was decidedly less caffeinated. As soon as the war began, the Union blockaded Southern ports and cut off the South’s access to coffee.

At Appomattox after General Lee’s surrender and his troops stacked their arms. A Confederate North Carolina regiment was starting their long walk home when they smelled coffee, real coffee. They sought out the source of the very pleasant aroma and came across the coffee wagon. The USCC delegates gave the Confederate soldiers all the coffee they could drink and carry.