What you need to save the south!


Size: 25″ x 20″ un-frame canvas giclee print.


In the Fall of 1855 thirty-one year old Thomas Jackson, soon to be known as the beloved Confederate General “Stonewall” Jackson, opened up a Sunday school for some 100 African Americans in Lexington, Virginia. He gave lessons and sermons himself, and donated money to the small church, which he and his local white staff successfully maintained for many years. After Jackson’s death, grateful members of the General’s African-American church donated money toward erecting a monument to him in Lexington. Though known as a “slave owner” by the uneducated, this is not accurate, for all of his black servants were either given to him or had asked to be placed with him due to his charitable Christian nature. Jackson was only one of millions of white Southerners who loved, respected, admired, and cared for blacks in countless ways.