Slave’s baby pacifier



There have been hundreds of inventions that have not been mentioned about slaves incorporated for everyday survival, this particular scene is of a mother that has to go back to the cotton field with a newborn baby. She employs a handed-down lesson about creating a baby pacifier. Let’s explain, you get a piece of salt pork and string measured at the length of the baby’s body. you put this string through a small portion of the salt pork. which will be fed pacify the baby and at the other end you tie a loop/a knot and attach it to the baby’s big toe. and set the child in a basket of cotton then go to work in the field as the baby suck on the salt pork. but as all babies do, they tried to swallow when it gets small enough.

This can result in the baby choking but there is an instinct in-all children under stress. They stretch out their body to full length and a string will yank out the piece of salt pork that’s enlarged into the baby’s throat. which will save the child’s life.