Preach Brother Newson, 17″ x 21″


This self-portrait painting represents an early search to free myself from substance addiction, I hope it connects and you choose to purchase it. The painting is done on illustration board in the acrylic watercolor medium.



The pain of growing up is the heavy lifting.
My thoughts are now; I wish I had asked myself back then how can you identify the source of your pain and its dwelling location and evicted.

I’ve always been, and you have to, to try to locate the scallywags that invisibly tiptoe around us, as we desperately tried to free ourselves from contemporary slavery, as we seek out other human beings to guide us to the continuous finger-pointing, as the preacher says, it’s the devil, and your neighbor says, its the blue-eyed devil.

Hey boy listen hear, forget the heavy lifting take some of this, and you will feel better.