Nathan Bedford Forrest Soul Searching



This is a digitally executed piece of artwork and sold as Lithograph Art Prints; Title of Lithograph Art Print; Soul Searching Forrest; Size 18” x 23.5”: After the Civil War Nathan Bedford Forrest had to deal with civilian life, being a sharecropper and adapting to a new business model as a sharecropper; Nathan Bedford Forrest realize that his relationship with his Heavenly Father and with human beings need to be adjusted.


Here is an artwork excerpt from my book “Get Forrest”, page 42; Forrest left Grenada, Mississippi, with twenty of his former black servants and headed for Sunflower Landing, which was the site of his beloved 3,000-acre plantation at Green Grove towards the ending of the month of May 1865. It was there he and his wife, Mary Ann started to rebuild their lives that were already shattered by Lincoln’s illicit war. First on his list was some soul searching and then cleaning up the mess which was as a result of his four-year absence. In an effort to bring in cash, Forrest repaired his steam sawmill in September 1865 and began selling different types of lumber. Mary Ann, his wife made butter and raised chicken while he harvested corn in the remainder of that autumn. With a new business partner, Major B.E Diffinbach, who happens to be a former Yankee officer from Missouri, Forrest took up farming operations. He also rented out plantations and leased outlands to seven other former Union commanders.