The Chandler Boys; Due out in book stores December 2015

The Chandler Boys–Story is about Andrew and Silas Chandler –This is about trust and devotion and the some reason why silence this Afro-American became a black Confederate. Andrew white was younger than Silas, and Silas was a slave born on Andrew’s father’s homestead in 1837, which is why the two shared a last name.
When Andrew enlisted in the Palo Alto Confederates in 1861 in Mississippi, Silas entered into service with him. Although he went as Andrew’s protector and body servant, Andrew demonstrated in-house story that Silas was the equal of any man in his hatred of Northern intrusions into Southern territory. In the introduction pages; A famous Tintype ambrotypes glass plate negs lithograph shows the two men sitting side by side, dressed for battle.

Silas had already been “papered out” of slavery by this time and went voluntarily to look after Andrew. The book presents the conditions know procedures and circumstances that happened to soldiers of the Confederacy as prisoners,  Andrew was captured after the Battle of Shiloh and was imprisoned in Ohio, Silas traversed the area between Mississippi and Ohio many times with provisions, serving Andrew’s needs in the federal prison. At no time did Silas take the opportunity to “escape.” When Andrew was released, the two rejoined their regiment.

Legend has it that Silas’s ingenuity and devotion to Andrew continued when he intervened with the amputation of Andrew’s leg after Chickamauga and saved his master-friend both in life and limb. Andrew also intervened on Silas’s behalf after the war when his home was threatened by marauding whites and made sure his old friend was care for financially.

In 1994 a Southern Cross was placed on Silas’s grave in honor of his service to the Confederate cause. The famous picture portrait of the pair shows trust and familiarity in one another’s company and is the only historical proof of a black Confederate.


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